healthy Traveller for your communication

healthy Traveller: Travelling safely, arriving healthy – this topic is more relevant than ever – for business travellers as well as for private and leisure trip

We want to take this trend into account:
healthy TRAVELLER is a booklet for healthy and safe travel in difficult times – and a guide for mobile life in the New Normal

Benefit from the unique profile of the healthy Traveller.

Distributed circulation:
350.000 copies

400.000 subscribers

Magazine format :
206 x 275mm

First edition :

The focus of the healthy TRAVELLER

Risks along the travel chain
Cabin air, air conditioning, climate change – how you get from A to B in good health

Vaccinations: How to prepare for my travels

Strong immune system: Power programmes for globetrotters

Chronically ill: What to do if your handicap is travelling with you

First-aid kit: Essentials & Equipment for emergencies and illness abroadand illness abroad

Clinic check: Where a medical stopover is worthwhile

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